ATP 01***ATP Business Proposal ***

PROJECT TITLE: Multiplying the Miracle of Love Minerals (Fulvic Acid) Globalizing the Gift of Healthy Life. Jun 16, ’08 6:47 AM
for everyone

PROJECT PROPONENT: Adenosine (ATP***) Global Foundation

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP***)Corporation

Unit 5 & 6, 3rd Floor, Bohol Mansion

# 43 Eugenio Lopez St. Cor. Sgt. Esguerra Street

Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila,


E-mail : atp.

Contact Nos. (0632) 41437-01; 4742097; 3872238

PROJECT BENEFACTOR: “Unknown Sponsor/Benefactor”

PROJECT BENEFICIARIES: The Sick and Afflicted Poor of the World

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: The Expansion of Production, Distribution and Consumption of Love Minerals in ATP Health Products



Health is a Personal and Social Concern

Every individual is aware that the quality of one’s life depends primarily on an illness-free and energetic body. Accordingly, proper nutrition, exercise and other habits that promote health and prevent sickness are of paramount importance to a happy and productive life. Prevention is the priority. But if medical intervention becomes necessary, then there must be accessibility.

Society is only as healthy as the individuals who comprise it. As such, health is a social concern since social productivity can only come from healthy individuals. This is the human resource that makes growth and development in any society possible. It is therefore imperative to address health issues as a primordial responsibility of the state that governs society.

Clearly, the provision of healthcare service is a social responsibility while the production of healthcare products which are indispensable to the maintenance and/or restoration of good health is a business enterprise. Thus the challenge to healthcare planner providers and workers is to harmonize the interests of social service in the form of a mission advocacy and of business that seeks to generate profits through is corporate enterprise.

ATP, your proponent, submits that there can be a harmonious blending of what may initially appear as conflicting and irreconcilable interests. The ‘missionaries and businessmen’ – ‘Expense and Income factors’ – in their own can come up with a formula for harmony with a ‘balanced equation’. Given the added factor of a ‘GRANTOR’ or ‘ANGEL INVESTOR’, the process of blending becomes even easier because the latter precisely personifies and represents in concrete terms this blend.

Come join and blend with us in the unfolding story of ATP.

“xx The kingdom of heaven is near, Heal the sick xxx. You received this as a gift, so give it as a giftxx.” Mathew 10:8
“xx At that time Jesus healed many people of their sickness or diseases xxx” Luke 7:21
“xx And the prayer of faith will save the sick xxx” James 5:14
“ Let Your Food be your medicine and Let Your medicine be your Food/” Hippocrates


The raw materials in ATP based health products come from a powdery substance found in caves hidden in the mountain-forests of the Philippines. It is believed that springs run through these caves mixed in its waters are the decayed residues of stalactites, stalagmites, trees, herbs and plants. Like the Mythical naiads of old, natives go to this flowing stream to drink and bathe. They consider the place a potent natural source of rejuvenating and healing energy. With its ‘wonderful and miraculous’ effects on them, they regard it as sacred space.

The following narrative is a true story that has become almost like popular legend as it has been repeatedly told and passed-on from storyteller to storyteller with continuing enhancements and embellishments. It went this way. A young boy was found in the wilderness by a group of Christian hunters in search of what they heard was a ‘mysterious fountain of youth’. Unsuccessful, they went back to the lowlands with the boy who was eventually raised by one of the hunters. Growing in a Christian community, he saw himself different both in physical features and mental disposition. He was very athletic and warrior-like in appearance, and was very much attached to nature. Accordingly, he studied biology and agriculture. When he graduated, he worked as an agriculturist and forester. Restless, he knew that he needed to trace his roots. His adoptive parents helped him by pointing to the indigenous tribe in the Mountain Province of Northern Philippines known as the Ilongots.

The boy went back to that tribal village to trace his roots. He was readily recognized and accepted as a member of the tribe. During his stay, he noted that his brother Ilongots would invariably bring the ill and the weak among them to a part in the mountain where they will remain for a few days. When they come out of it, they appear rejuvenated and healthy. Agog, he followed them one day to this mysterious source of what he thought was the, much-talked about ‘elixir of life’. That was when he discovered tons and tons of beige-colored, dust-fine powder extracts from nature’s life cycle processes. Convinced of the health and medicinal value of his discovery, specifically for those who cannot afford to avail of conventional, traditional western oriented medical treatment, he sought the permission and approval of his tribe to haul down enough supply for experimental tests and chemical examination purposes. Sensing that he was pure of heart in his intention to help the afflicted poor, the village elders invoked the divine spirits whom they believe to be the guardians of these gifts and they gave him their blessings. Thus began the unfolding saga of ATP.


The Ilongot tribesman knew in the purity of his heart that just as the ‘powder’ was given to him as a ‘gift of love’ and as an ‘instrument of service’, he has to identify and find a recipient who will develop and use it in the same spirit. It was not an easy search.

Those whom he initially approached showed and expressed a lot of confidence on the health giving potentials of the powder. But all were just interested in its commercial value as ingredients in the alkaline water and food supplements business. Somehow, he cannot see what he was looking for in all their proposals. Then one day an old lady friend who lives as a gypsy among the spiritual brotherhoods spread throughout the country visited him to ask if he knew how to purify what used to be living water in a well that has become stale and pungent. He said his powder can easily do that. So they went to Obando, Bulacan where the well was located. The old lady introduced him to Estelita B. Thia who for years have been having dreams of her mother telling her to revive the well that she tended as a source of water for the community when she was still alive. With that meeting, a friendship was forged between the Ilongot and her. They shared in long hours of conversation their dreams, longings, yearnings and aspirations for the nation and her people. Soon thereafter, the former entrusted the first haul of powder supplies to the latter with the admonition to develop it as a health product meant especially for the poor. This made Estelita very happy since as a social worker by profession and mission, this was exactly what she wanted to do.


In doing so, Estelita was guided by the principles of love and service. It was very clear to her that those she will involve in the project development work will have to be inspired and motivated by the desire to glorify God through service and sacrifice for the poor and the sick. At the same time, she was aware of what it will take to develop health products from the powder materials that she received in trust. She envisioned the products to be widely accessible and if possible always distributed for free. Constantly praying to discern what she must do and the steps she must take, she undertook the following:

1. Put together a composite team of doctors, biochemists, lawyers, volunteer health workers, media propagators, ‘angel’ investors’, sponsors, donors, Toll manufacturers, mineral extractors and miners, providers and suppliers.

2. Caused them to blend in their roles and responsibilities:

2.1 Avante-garde and pioneering doctors led by University of the Philippines trained medical practicioner, Dr. Rosario R. Austria conducted their own medical studies and testing on the properties, qualities and capabilities of the powder. It included actual administration on patients who signified their willingness to be part of the research process. Testimonials and medically established results have been documented. They are hereto attached as annexes (A1 to A4) and made as integral parts hereof, or they can be made available upon request.

2.2 A biochemist from the world-renowned University of the Philippines-Los Banos National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BIOTECH), Dr. V. Migo was commissioned to make the chemical analysis of the powder, specifically to fulfill the requirements of the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) of the Department of Health.

2.3 In the course of the chemical analysis, a sister of Estelita who is engaged in socially oriented agri-business projects stumbled on a source of a similar substance. She entered into an agreement with the concessionaire-owner and she started to stockpile the material. Her association known as the ASA PINOY (loosely translated as Hope in Self Reliance) partnered with her Sister’s group.

2.4 Both the Ilongot and ASA Pinoy substances were chemically analyzed.

2.5 The report and certification came out months later. Aside from the favorable findings that made both substances, separately or combined, registrable with BFAD, it made special mention of the elements of Humic and Fulvic Acid found therein. They are substances which are considered to be a cure for cancer and other deadly diseases. The report and certification are hereto attached also as Annexes B and C, and are also available upon request.

2.6 The lawyers provided the legal framework and guidance on the legal vehicles that can be used for the purposes of the project. They also help in defining the relationships of the different participants and stakeholders.

2.7 The volunteer health workers assisted the doctors in the medical missions, wherein the substance was administered.

2.8 The media propagators communicated reformation on the powder and broadened the awareness on its medicinal value. To date, ATP is a regular mainstay of the primetime TV show, “Salamat Dok” Program of ABS CBN Network .( Thank you Doctor)

2.9 The ‘angel investors’ are successful businessmen who were literally and inexplicably led to the doorsteps of this ATP Project. Foremost among them is the Toll Manufacturer, Gerden Pharmaceutical Laboratories and Company, Inc. Another is the authorized mining extractor and hauler, Mahkita Rivermines Minerals Corporation. Both play vital roles in the production process.

2.10 Suppliers and providers like the one who manufactures the herb-based capsules have also come on board under very interesting circumstances.

2.11 How these different components fell into place and how the participants jelled as a team is in itself another miracle story to be told. Undoubtedly it can only be Divine inspiration that can make it happen.


The outputs of the different members of the development team constitute the content and packaging requirements of the different ATP products.

These are:

· The BioMineral

· The Bio Energizer

· The Bio Energizer Plus

· The Bio Energizer Fortified

The benefits to the body of these products are comprehensively discussed in the ATP brochures, attached as Annexes “D”, “E” and “F” and can also be made available upon request.


It is a tripod composed of a Foundation, Cooperative and Corporation using

the Trinitarian approach.

The Foundation is the service component of the organization that is designed to dispense and administer for free the products during medical missions or in other ATP outreach programs, in the “Salamat Dok” TV Show, and in its in-house medical service facility. It represents the spirit of faith and love.

The Cooperative is the mutual benefit networking mechanism that allows the members to get discounts and rebates for their own patient referrals’ availment of the products who give donations and sponsorships. An automatic card monitoring and payment system for those who qualify have been established for this purpose. It is the soul of community values of the culture of brotherhood under the fatherhood of one God.

The Corporation is the business device that is employed to address the cost and sustainability requirements of sourcing the raw materials and manufacturing the end products. It is the one that enters into productive and profit generating partnerships or joint undertakings on a value for value arrangements. While profit is an objective, not only is it reasonably set in its limits, it is primarily intended only to make the enterprise sustainable as well as to expand its production capacity in order to multiply the coverage and number of its beneficiaries. It is the body that manifests the spirit and soul of ‘loving, caring and sharing.’

As it now stands, ATP has produced tens of millions of its capsules under its different name brands. Thousands have been treated and miracle cure testimonials abound.

As food supplements that enhance and restore health, prevent and cure diseases, there are more than enough good reasons to share and multiply a hundredfold the miracles of the love minerals found in them.

As described however, they are not just natural minerals, for as such they maybe present as well in other places of the world. As spirit empowered minerals they must be sourced, produced, dispensed and administered by and with love and faith. That is what infuses it with a Divine Healing Energy.

As such, the proposition to expand the production, distribution and consumption of these love minerals through the infusion of funds must be founded on the firm conviction that God has so chosen this substance and those called to be its stewards as the symbols and messengers of His Life of Love. All of creation is a manifestation not just of Divine Power but more importantly of Divine Love. That love however to come to life as healing and rejuvenating energy must be demonstrated by service and sacrifice borne out of faith. That is the ATP Creed.


As missionaries of love and service, ATP and the Benefactor share the Vision of a World where the Lord Jesus Christ reigns as King. In that Kingdom, the

afflicted poor are lifted up and a healing balm is applied to all their wounds. Even while

still on this earth, the King through His ministers cures them of their affliction. But He

requires Faith. As cooperators and partners in the Ministry of Healing, ATP and the Benefactor can make it their joint enterprise to exchange the values of ATP Products and the Benefactor Financial means.

The ATP*** capsules will form the base for the promotion of healthy life among the afflicted poor of the world, through its distribution by the Benefactor in its many missions in different continents like America and Africa.

The miracle cures that the capsules will bring will be living proofs of God’s Divine Love, Mercy and Healing. Hopefully, the experiences can translate into more effective evangelization and conversion.

The proceeds in turn can be used by ATP to improve and upgrade exponentially its production facilities as well as to build health mission houses. Likewise, it will ensure the sustainable cultivation and generation of raw material supplies. Moreover, it will support a more systematic health program with nationwide reach and coverage initially in the Philippines, then in other regions of the Asian continent.

ATP and the global Benefactor can discuss on the basis of this exchange of values, some form of equity participation in what will be built by the proceeds from this cooperative enterprise and partnership.

The Financials of the Project can be studied separately and a paper that explains its use and application can be presented.

Meantime, ATP and the Benefactor are called and challenged to discern their respective roles in multiplying the miracle of love minerals and globalizing the gift of healthy life.


The prospective partnership of ATP and the global Benefactor, both chosen nations coming from continents which are ‘worlds’ apart, traversing the two (2) great oceans of the Pacific and Atlantic, converging the oriental and occidental cultures, and unifying developments in spiritual, mystical and material values in the service of mankind, may well serve as significant building blocks in bringing to fruition the kingdom that is promised to all children of God.

God in His infinite wisdom, gave the global Benefactor, access to material means and to ATP the channel of natural, mystical healing. Bound together by the same Faith and Spirit of Service and Love, the miracles of minerals can spread and multiply, and the gift of healthy life can be globalized in this Age of the Reign of Christ.

We trust that the above is in accordance with your requirement to our company.

Thank you for your kind attention regarding this matter.

Submitted by:





Contact Nos.: (0632) 4143701; 4742097; 3872238
Email :
Website: (ATP Blog Website) (ATP Nationwide Medical Mission Images) ; “Search Video Topic For – “Fulvic Acid” Free in the Philippines


2 Responses to ATP 01***ATP Business Proposal ***

  1. atpcorporation says:

    Dear Algy,

    Thank you for your email. ATP Chairman have read your email.

    We will expect your return here in Manila.

    Best regards… Danny/ ATP 07-04-08

    —– Original Message —-
    From: Algy Bacla
    Sent: Wednesday, July 2, 2008 3:50:46 AM
    Subject: Update in Mindoro

    Dear Sir Dan,

    I have a meeting with my colleagues here in Pinamalayan this afternoon. I presented to them our future projects here in Mindoro. They are all excited because Salamat Dok program is very popular here.

    I discussed them our noble objectives to help the poorest of the poor by giving them free medical services. I also discussed to them about ATP Cooperative and its benefits. All are excited to participate in our fund raising campaign.

    Our head Social worker in the town talk to me about our foundation, and she was impressed in our style of work. She showed me the list of all possible beneficiaries in the community with severe medical cases and needs immediate attention. I was heartbroken to the cases she showed me.

    I know that it is Gods plan to shower His blessing to this area. That’s why me and my wife came to aggree that I will subject myself to further training in our operation.

    We are praying that the Lord open up His treasury to our foundation to make all our plans successful.

    Please give my regards to Mam Thia and all the staff there! Thank you and more power!


    Algy B. Bascla

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