ATP Medical Literature: #04 ATP’s Fulvic Acid N Organic Germanium

ATP Medical Literature #04
Dated   :April 23, 2008 (Hrs 2300)
Subject : Dr. Asai’s Organic Germanium and ATP’s Fulvic Acid
Discussion :

1) Similar Therapeutic Effects of Germanium compared to  ATP’s  Zeolites & Fulvic Acid. (Which is distributed FREE to the POOR Patients of ATP)
2)  Natural Therapy Perfected by Germanium (Carboxy Ethyl Sexquioxide) and FULVIC ACID !


The undersigned would like to quote materials from  :


which highlights the efficacy of organic germanium as Natural Therapy.

The Video Testimonials of ATP patients regarding the use of ATP Products Bio Minerals and Bio Energizers (whose formulation is composed of ZEOLITES & FULVIC ACID) attest to the same efficacy of curing almost “every” illnesses.

ATP Products Certificate Chemical Analysis was issued by UPLB- Biotech last August 23, 2006. Which certify the organic nature of the ATP Powder substance. And this was immediately distributed by ATP Multi Purpose Cooperative to various indigent communities, specially the poor residents of the municipality of Obando, Bulacan.

A press released was issued last January 2007 under Obando Newsletter, which highlight the immediate recovery of severe illness like CANCER, Diabetes, High Blood, Thyroid Imbalances, Arthritis, Eye Defects, Pulmonary Disease, Mental Disorders, Malaria cases  and many others.

At present Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Corporation is distributing ATP Products (Zeolites & Fulvic Acid) for FREE to the following recipients:

1.  Daily patient/recipients at ATP Global Foundation- located at Bohol Mansion Office, 43 E.Lopez Ave., corner Sgt. Esguerra St., Quezon City, Philippines; and

2. Weekly patients of ATP/Salamat Dok –TV program of ABS CBN network, every Saturday 6-7 AM and Sunday 7-8 AM; venue –ABS CBN compound. (This weekly Medical Mission started last March 17, 2007 and continuing up to present)

Hereunder is the related material on Germanium indicating its therapeutic effects to various illnesses which ATP have similarly encountered with its patients from August 2006 up to the present.

Please be guided accordingly.

/Print this document ! (For educational purposes)


7. Myself as the Living Body Test

The newly synthesized water-soluble germanium compound has been a blessing in every sense of the word. Technically termed car boxy ethyl sesquioxide of germanium (GeCH2CH- “C00H)202 (Refer to Appendix 1 The Organo Germanium Sesqujoxide) it features three oxygen atoms affixed to each germanium atom as indicated in the figure below.
[The figure on the left is an atom of silicon, one of the first elements used to create the electronics industry.
Dr. Asai saw that germanium could also be used as a “semiconductor” like silicon, and that it had superior properties compared with silicon.  For one thing, the germanium atom was much larger.  Silicon has an atomic weight of 14 while germanium has an atomic weight of 32.
The fact that germanium was a larger atom meant it could have more and different properties, as a semiconductor, than silicon.

When two or more silicon or germanium atoms are brought together, there is a change in the electrical properties of the material. The silicon or germanium atoms both have four electrons in their valence band (semi-conductor), however, the atoms will create COVALENT BONDS when they are brought together. This bonding results in a valence electron count per atom of eight because the atoms share each others valence electrons. This qualifies the material as an INSULATOR, not a SEMI-CONDUCTOR. The material now takes on the physical appearance of a CRYSTAL, basically locking the atoms/electrons into a static position. (Source)

Stressing the point one more time. This sharing of valence electrons makes each atom appear to have not four valence electrons as they do individually but eight electrons as a group. These new materials of pure silicon or germanium are not viewed as semi-conductor materials but seen as insulators. This is because of the fact that each atom now appears to have eight valence electrons. Of course, eight valence electrons qualifies the material as an insulator, which means it offers great resistance to the flow of current through it. (Source)

Germanium has four electrons available for sharing: one is a free radical (not shown in the figure ). While the other three are affixed alternately to an oxygen atom. The oxygen atoms, in turn, a bed combine with  germanium atoms in a manner resembling of flowers or a regularly expanding gymnastic formation. Each time I view this substance which so magnificently illustrates the laws of nature and contains the potential to alter the course of life, Einstein’s words “The perception of mystery is the: source of every learning and discovery,” come to mind.

Till the discovery of the compound, I had managed to keep myself in fairly good spirits by reading, but my physical  condition had deteriorated, and I was in a state of virtual disability.
Doctors had diagnosed my illness as a severe case of polvrheumatism complicated by arthritis and had given little hope of improvement.
True, the organic germanium compound had just been synthesized, but it was still in the experimental stage. Usually with a new medicine, extensive toxicity tests are made before it is used on people. I decided that my own illness would be its first real test. My decision was not entirely based on blind faith, however. Prior to the discovery, my years of research with plants and animals had indicated that its overall effect  would be beneficial, or harmless at least. Furthermore, some scientific data from the Soviet Union indicated that germanium was nontoxic.

I took some of the white, powdery organic germanium with water.  Improvement was slow at first, but I continued to take the solution in large dosages for several days. Gradually, I began to feel better and in ten days I was up and walking around the house-at times feeling robustly healthy.
Since the rheumatic affliction I was suffering from is generally regarded as incurable by modern medicine, I had been visiting an acupuncturist in the neighborhood  in an attempt to relieve my pains.  Upon examination after only a few visits, the acupuncturist was astounded to find that my body had already healed to an unbelievable extent.  Moreover, on a subsequent visit he requested some of the compound for his other patients, convinced that it would help them.
After taking it for several more weeks until 1 was assured that it was completely nontoxic, and that there was no sign of its accumulation in my body, however, I gave him some. Again, he was astounded as patients who had been suffering from a variety of diseases, heretofore regarded as virtually incurable- Cancer, epilepsy, cirrhosis of the liver and a list of others – all showed marked improvement when administered the compound.  Developments were indeed encouraging.
Unfortunately, however, the acupuncturist was forced to discontinue treatment with germanium because it was pointed out to him that the use of germanium at this stage constituted an act against laws governing the use of medicine in Japan.

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