Gopalakrishnan G. Juttu, Sugar Land, Tex. (US); Alla Konstantin Khanmamedova, Sugar Land, Tex. (US); and Scott F. Mitchell, The Woodlands, Tex. (US)
Assigned to Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
Filed on Dec. 27, 2004, as Appl. No. 11/23,100.
Prior Publication US 2006/0140854 A1, Jun. 29, 2006
Int. Cl. C01B 39/06 (2006.01); C01B 39/40 (2006.01); C01B 39/20 (2006.01); C01B 39/48 (2006.01)
U.S. Cl. 423—705 [423/707; 423/713; 423/DIG. 22] 23 Claims

1. A process for synthesizing an aluminum-silicon-germanium zeolite comprising:
a) forming a reaction mixture by combining a silica source, a germanium source, an aluminum source, a structure directing agent and water to form a gel;
b) mixing the reaction mixture;
c) introducing an acid which does not contain fluorine;
d) heating the reaction mixture to form zeolite crystals;
e) cooling the reaction mixture;
f) separating the zeolite crystals from the gel;
g) washing the zeolite crystals;
h) drying the zeolite crystals; and
i) calcining the zeolite crystals
wherein the aluminum-silicon-germanium zeolite is synthesized without a fluoride compound.


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