FULVIC ACID – Video Testimonials (Page 1)


atp’s Site – Video Testimonials! (Page 1)

Lolita Alimasag-48,Breast cancer,Terminal Case; now Cancer Survivor!.wmv
3 minutes

Rosalina Morales-58,Stroke,Half Body Paralyzed for 5yrs.wmv
6 minutes

Pacio Esteponia-63,Deaf for 20 yrs..wmv
7 minutes

Andrea Santiago-43,Myoma, due for Chemo.wmv
9 minutes

LORNAMIRA-58,Breast Cancer, Terminal case.wmv
8 minutes

DOMINADOR SORONGO-53,Eye defect.wmv
6 minutes

Ritchie Paita-32,Mental Patient 3mos.confinement.wmv
8 minutes

_Jessie Honrales-22,Spot Disease,Wait Bone Fracture.wmv
8 minutes

Evangelyn Villarosa Arcan-40, Breast Cancer.wmv
8 minutes

Wilma Candidato-38,Goiter, heart .wmv
6 minutes

_Theresa Marcelo-39, Breast Cancer S3
7 minutes

Leticia Tilaon-54,Mild Stroke,Diabetes.wmv
5 minutes

Josie Prado45 yrs old,Dogbites,Rabbies,Eliminated-Gone.wmv
8 minutes

_Teresita Soriano-59,GoiterEfren Soriano-13,Nephrotic Syndrome.wmv
6 minutes

Elsie Celedonio-39,Enlargement of the heart.wmv
6 minutes

_Rachel Dy-29,Thyroid.wmv
4 minutes

_Nelie Argawanon-38,Myoma.wmv
6 minutes

DAISY ARANDELA-46,GERD gastro esophagus reflux disease.wmv
12 minutes

_Melvin Segui-68,Rheumatic heart,High Blood,Rayuma,Ubo.wmv
6 minutes

Edna Fernandez-51,Heart Enlargement,High Blood.wmv
8 minutes


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