FULVIC ACID – Video Testimonials (Page 3)


FULVIC ACID – Video Testimonials (Page 3)

CONSUELO DEHITO24,Kidney stones.wmv
17 seconds

_Nick Delinte-53,Lump in left hands
7 minutes

_Lolit Nobleza-50 High Blood,Chronic Body Pain.wmv
10 minutes

Manuel Baloro-64,Mild Stroke.wmv
5 minutes

Marcelina Martinez-69,Psoriasis,20 yrs..wmv
8 minutes

Carmelita Cortez-61,ArthritisEye.wmv
10 minutes

Cherry Soniel-46,Cyst Left Breast.wmv
6 minutes

ANGELA FRANCISCO-71,High Blood, Eye Defect.wmv
5 minutes

_Nora Ceballes-37,Goiter; Pain diminished; Energy revived.wmv
41 seconds

Pacio Esteponia-Testimonial
8 minutes

Winnie Oiga-Testimonial
9 minutes

Celia Taytay-Testimonial
6 minutes

Andrea Santiago-Testimonial.wmv
9 minutes

Abegail Grace Aujero-Testimonial.wmv
13 minutes

Adorie Candinato-Testimonial.wmv
3 minutes

Dr. D. Maceda-Patawaran movie -01.wmv
25 seconds

Dr. V. Migo movie -01.wmv
4 minutes



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