FULVIC ACID – Video Testimonials (Page 2)

atp’s FULVIC ACID – Video Testimonials (Page 2)

Edna Fernandez-51,Heart Enlargement,High Blood.wmv
8 minutes

_Mario Villaluz-58,Cyst,Migraine,Blurred Vision,UTI.wmv
10 minutes

_Lina Montanes-51,High Blood,Bowel once a week.wmv
7 minutes

_Diosdada Buenaobra-56,Bowel 1per wk.wmv
13 minutes

Celia Taytay-28,Breast Cyst.wmv
5 minutes

Florentina Baloloy-56,Stroke patient.wmv
9 minutes

_Lina Sacamay-41,Cyst Letf Foot
6 minutes

_Jasmina Abelita-73,Numb Feet
3 minutes

_Tessie Arce-51,cancer Stage 2,Diabetic,Insulin Dependent.wmv
11 minutes

Fatima Manindig-60,High Blood.wmv
11 minutes

Emilia Alejandro-65,Diabetic, Eye Retinopathy.wmv
76 seconds

Juanito Fernandez-55, Lungs,Chronic Pain Joints,skin.wmv
6 minutes

Jon Jon Bacerdo-33,Lungs For Operation with Cyst.wmv
6 minutes

Thelma Baltazar-46,Cervix cancer S2.wmv
11 minutes

Cristeta Collamat-66,Diabetes,High Blood.wmv
8 minutes

_Beryl Joshua Hernan-10, End Stage renal Disease
14 minutes

_Loline Estepona-59, Goiter, On going Myoma
7 minutes

_Ester Oriol-68,Cervix Cancer S4
5 minutes

_Lydia Vallido-67,Diabetic
4 minutes

CONSUELO DEHITO24,Kidney stones.wmv
17 seconds



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