ATP’s Natural Therapy by Fulvic Acid- Welcome Remarks

Welcome !! Guest /Sponsors/ Donors/ ATP Patients/ Terminally ILL Person/ CANCER Patients/ NGOs/ FOUNDATIONS/ Private & Government Hospitals/ Medical Doctors/…

<< Brief History of ATP Medical Missions >>

ATP started distributing the Food Supplements (Bio Mineral & Bio Energizers, Plus & Fortified) for FREE to its poor recipients from September 2006. Just right after the Chemical Analysis was issued by UPLB Biotech, certfiying to the effect its organic properties (100% Electrolyte, Non Toxic, Bio Active, Bio Available, meaning readily accepted by the body)

Some of ATPs beneficiaries are recognized indigent DSWD recipients and residents of the Municipality of Obando, Bulacan, under the leadership of mayor Zoylito Santiago, who is also one of ATP’s major sponsor.

Last March 17, 2007 ATP concluded an agreement with “SALAMAT DOK” TV program of ABS CBN to provide free ATP Products to Salamat Dok patients every Saturday  (6-7AM) and Sunday (7-8AM). This has been on-going up to the present.

ATP have witnessed miraculous healing received by people who are afflicted by diseases like cancer, diabetes, high blood, kidney dialysis, nephrotic syndrome, carpenters syndrome, arthritis, asthma, eye diseases, tuberculosis, hemorrhoids, thyroid imbalances, deaf and other illnesses. These people have been healed immediately in just a very short period of time. (Please view Testimonials)

ATP are now documenting this miraculous healing by collecting the testimonies of the cancer patients, diabetic patients, hyper thyroid patients, high blood patients, dialysis patients and other dying patients.

ATP are motivated by the belief that the spirituality of the person in believing to someone divine (his creator)  will help him/her receive healing of their illmess.

Our group continuously provide the present adopted communities with the Bio Minerals and Bio Energizers through the help of kind hearted sponsors/donors, namely former mayor of Obando- Zoilit Santiago, former judge – Cesar Peralejo and anonymous sponsors.

While, we only request the poor communities “to please help us in prayer”……… that someone (specially like you – SPONSOR/ DONOR…..) will support ATP’s mission in serving the poor who are in need of physical and spiritual healing.

ATP are hopeful that kind SPONSORS/ DONORS will participate and share the same vision and mission in helping the poor Filipino communities who are in need of . .  .“a share of GOD’s divine plan to all of mankind”.

The SPONSOR’s/ DONOR’s kindness and willingness to support ATP’s Medical Mission will pave the way for the dawn of the new and healthy Filipino people.

We need your HELP ! ….

Your assistance in any of the following will be greatly appreciated:GOD Created Men From MINERALS, From MINERALS He Shall Return,

1. Volunteer works ( Health Care Practitioner, Social Workers, Nurse Aide, Medical Doctors)

2. Volunteer works in ATPs field  office administration.

3. Sponsorhsip for indigent patients of “Salamat Dok” TV Program (ABS CBN) with the partnership of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Corp.

4. Sponsorship of  ATP research programs and special projects.

5. Sponsorhip of ATP’s present HEALTH scholars.

6. Your HELP is a rasy of HOPE to many poor Filipino communities.

We  (ATP) will value your finnacial support and extend it to daily beneficiaries/ patients of Adenosine (ATP) Global Foundation located at Bohol Mansion Condo., no 43 E.LOpez Ave., corner Sgt Esguerra St., Barangay South Triangle, QC. Philippines (landmark- in front ABS CBN audience entrance) tEL#S 4143701; 4742097; 3872238


GOD Created Men From Dust, From Dust He Shall Return,

Respectfully yours,

Danny M. Tijing

Specialist- Research & Development (R&D)
ATP Staff, Fund Generation Committee
4) http://www.myphotoalbum/atpcorporation

Contact Nos.:
(0632) 4143701; 4742097; 3872238




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